• Testimonials

    Here’s what some of our students have to say about practicing with us…

    In July 2008 I walked into Paul and Rachelle’s shala not even realizing what an amazing prescious gift I was about to receive.  Not many teachers are able to transmit the essence of this ancient practice. In many Ashtanga studios there is too much concentration on the external, on “moving ahead”, getting to the next series, performing and delivering, achieving and even competing with others. Thus, oftentimes, the striving for improvement becomes striving for asana perfection alone with no respect to the breath, body state at a particular point in time, mental condition of a student in the ever changing reality of our lives. It is been my privilege to have been taught by these two teachers whose knowledge, experience, patience, compassion, generosity and profound sense of self-humility are such a rare find in today’s world.  If you are looking for a yoga teacher, look no further.  This is as good as it can possibly be. Thank you Rachelle and Paul for helping me to discipline and quiet my mind, for your warm guidance and support, thank you for giving me the gift of Yoga.
    Lana F., Toronto ON

    I participated in 4 Sunday Mysore sessions with Rachelle and Paul in November 2014. It was a small class with 4-5 people in their home studio. I started practicing Ashtanga in 2005, but was an irregular student due to my work schedule.   However I wanted to come back to a more regular practice and one of the obstacles I had was the pain that I feel in some parts of my body and was not sure how to deal with it during the practice.  Rachelle and Paul were enormously helpful in this as they both guided me in detail as to where to adjust my posture, how to not hyperextend, how to alter some postures so that I would not be in pain.   And just purely on a philosophical level, it helped me being told (by Rachelle) not to strive to do my practice the same way I did it 10 years ago, but work with the body I have now.  I knew that intellectually, but her gentle advice helped me let go of that clinging without feeling that I should be pushing myself harder in order to get ‘back to where I was before’.  I really appreciate that.
    Both Rachelle and Paul emphasize mindfulness in the practice which is something I believe in and am striving to include in my everyday life and situations, so their approach definitely resonates with my values as well.
    They are both excellent teachers and I look forward working with them again.
    – Gordana, Mississagua ON

    I was fortunate enough to take two workshops with Paul and Rachelle, Breath and Bandhas and Breakthrough Lab.  I have also taken Sunday Mysore classes with them. As a daily practitioner of Ashtanga yoga, these workshops have given me tips and techniques that I use to help my daily practice.
    Paul and Rachelle have two slightly different teaching styles that compliment one another and give the student of the benefit of two different perspectives.  It is wonderful experience to have two senior teachers present with such a wealth of knowledge to learn from. I look forward to studying with them again.
    – Vivian, Hamilton ON

    I am a 50+ year old college professor with an artificial left hip whose life has been improved immeasurably by my now 3 and half year old Ashtanga practice; and my practice has been improved materially by Paul and Rachelle’s firm, warm, and excellent guidance.
    – Mark M., Calgary AB

    Rachelle and Paul are excellent teachers, who lead by example and teach with love and commtiment. The shala is a warm, cozy, and intimate space to practice, with one on one instruction from two fantastic teachers. My practice has grown tremendously since taking practice here, and by extension, my life as well.
    – Jennifer, Toronto ON

    Paul and Rachelle provide expert guidance and support to their students. Few teachers have more to offer than they do. My life has been changed in ways I never dreamed possible by taking practice with Paul and Rachelle. Students who are searching for truly great teachers need look no further.
    – Hollie C., Kingston ON