Led Primary Classes

Led Primary classes are for more experienced ashtanga practitioners as there is minimal instruction. The teacher leads the class by calling out the names of the postures and counting the vinyasas of breath and movement in Sanskrit. Vinyasa is the system of linking breath with movement.

The group moves and breathes together in sync. These are focused, energetic classes that move quickly. Students do not need to have finished the primary series to participate; however, some ashtanga experience is required. Contact us if you are unsure whether to attend.

A counted Primary Series class is effective in flushing away bad self-practice habits such as a wandering mind, lost connection with the breath or fidgeting between postures. A led class provides an opportunity to refine your practice by following the 'count' as it is traditionally prescribed.

See the Schedule for timings.

Led classes are listed on the Shala's Online Calendar.